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Search Engine Optimisation Success

Here are the results of some of our customers. Results like this are typical of a site we have optimised. Figures are not updated regularly, but were correct at the time of page creation (1st Oct 2010).

Insat International
Keyword/Phrase: Position In Google: Check Now:
Sky TV in Europe 1 of 8,930,000 pages Check
Sky cards 1 of 26,200,000 pages Check
European Sky subscriptions 1 of 264,000 pages Check
Sky television in Europe 1 of 10,900,000 pages Check
watch sky tv in europe 1 of 319 pages Check
Sky cards Europe 1 of 6,680,000 pages Check
watch Sky in France 3 of 14,300,000 pages Check
watch Sky in Germany 3 of 11,500,000 pages Check
Sky subscriptions abroad 8 of 4,500,000 pages Check

Black Barn Computers
Keyword/Phrase: Position In Google: Check Now:
Refurbished computers 5 of 3,830,000 pages Check
second hand computers 2 of 12,000,000 pages Check
second hand laptops 6 of 8,420,000 pages Check
second hand PCs 5 of 43,100,000 pages Check

Pit Bits Car Spares
Keyword/Phrase: Position In Google: Check Now:
OEM car spares 3 of 1,760,000 pages Check
Beckenham car parts 2 of 24,500 pages Check
car batteries in Beckenham 4 of 4,430 pages Check
car batteries Beckenham 6 of 6,720 pages Check
clutch kit Beckenham 7 of 10,500 pages Check
Beckenham car accessories 8 of 17,800 pages Check

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