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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

"Having a great site is one thing, but how can you be sure that people will see it?"

Google is used to perform more worldwide searches than any other search engine. By designing your site to meet the latest web standards, and keeping inline with Google’s guidelines, LJF Design have a history of success when it comes to websites appearing very high up in the rankings upon searching for the keywords that are most relevant to your site.

It's no big secret, Google likes certain things. As long as your intended search keywords are relevant to your site, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't sit very highly in Google when someone searches for them, but this is of course only true if your site is presenting itself to Google properly.

How can we help?

Think of it this way: you are interviewing two people for a work position - they both have identical skills and experience. The first is well spoken, well dressed, very presentable, and polite. The second is in torn jeans, an untucked shirt, dirty trainers, and clearly hasn't washed or shaved for a while. Which one are you going to employ?

Think of Google as the employer, and your site as the applicant (your competitor websites as the other applicants). We will do all the things to your site we know Google likes, and turn it into a presentable package for Google to see. There is no magic involved - we just help Google to do it's job.

Can you guarantee a good position within Google search results?

No, we can't guarentee anything that involves a 3rd party beyond our control, and we won't fool you into thinking we can just to get your money.

What we can say though is that every client we have performed SEO for has found their website to meet or exceed search expectations. If you want a guarentee that your site will rank highly then you should look elsewhere (that fact is that no one can truly offer this though). However, if you want us to apply a proven recipe to your website within Google guidelines for a very modest price, please do get in touch with us.

Don't believe us? Then believe our customers!

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